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reni: Sailendra :)
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sdsd: dfdf
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Ayu: I can totally uardtsennd your frustrations. As a single father I probably spoil my child more than I should, but they are my World. I think children from divorced parents still grow up to be okay people. Stay true to yourself and parent exactly how you think they should be parented. Trust in your instincts. Yes there are two homes with differing rules and she’s still young and will act out but it will get better. I always believed it wasn’t fair that I couldn’t have my child for 3 1/2 days a week, I will never be okay with that but it’s now easier to cope. Marriages fail because our communication as partners breaks down, so now daddy with your help and his ex need to have even better communication than they did before. How do we do that? I don’t know what levels of anger or resentments there is between exes and/or family members but somehow we need to get over the anger, become good co-parents and communicate so yes by all means discuss how you feel with the child’s mother. She may not be receptive but trying now is a start and things will get better over time and your stepdaughter will learn that she needs to be respectful when she’s in your home and won’t get her way by acting out. I uardtsennd the mother’s side, who feels she does the majority of parenting and the main disciplinarian but over time you can help the message should be that both her mom's and dad(s) love their child and although they live in different houses, they are still a family. Give your stepdaughter some reason, maybe a spark so she can’t wait to come over next time to see you and dad and I’m not talking toys and money. This time together is so short and should be extra special, it's your time to influence. If I only were able to see my child on minimal days, I would probably even spoil them worse than I do now, gosh that’s a scary thought. Your concern already shows who you are as a person and how much you care. Good luck in the advice search, thanks for sharing and please comeback and let us know how the relationship is working.
jauhary Rabu, 14 Mei 2014 | 12:59 WIB
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